Windshield Repair in Lake Havasu City, AZ

The sooner you get a windshield repair on your car, the less likely your rock chip will spread, saving you both time and money in the long run. With a chip repair technician on site daily, you may be able to get a same day appointment depending on demand.

Advantage Windshield Repair of Lake Havasu City will:

  • Reduce the actual circumference of the chip by 50 – 90%
  • Keep the rock chip from cracking or spreading any further
  • Ensure the structural integrity of your windshield

Not all breaks are the same and working with the nature of glass, some chips may not be repairable and there is always the chance they may spread during the repair process. There is also the possibility although the chip and lines were filled they may not disappear completely.

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Insurance Claims

Not sure how to process your insurance claim or if you have glass coverage?

Call Advantage Windshield & Glass at 928-855-7004 for help getting through the process. We work with all major insurance companies and networks to ensure you get the right replacement parts approved.

If you are more comfortable having help face-to-face, stop by our office and we will call the insurance company with you. As a consumer, you have the right to work with any shop you want.

Insurance claims are processed through a third-party administrator, in some cases this is Safelite Solutions, an insurance network financially affiliated with Safelite AutoGlass®. We are a preferred provider in the Safelite Solutions network. We provide a workmanship warranty just like the major companies do and it doesn't matter if you are across the country, we stand behind it. We encourage our customers to shop around, ask questions, read reviews, and find out about workmanship warranties. Like most shops we handle cash and insurance claims.

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How to file an insurance claim:

Most insurance providers want you to use their mobile app. If you use the mobile app your policy number should come up with your profile. If you don't have the app, call the claim number on your card to report the claim. The insurance company will connect you to the network administrator and will need to know the details of the event such as:

  • When your glass was broken
  • How your glass was broken
  • Who was driving the vehicle
  • The date and approximate time of the incident
  • The location of the event
  • What glass broke
  • If anything, other than glass was damaged, if so, what
  • Additional questions depend on the provider

They will also want to know if the break is larger than a dollar bill. This description isn't always valid for a repair. The ability to repair glass depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The overall size of the impact, if the center point is crushed glass larger than the head of an eraser it may be too large to repair.
  • If the impact area has multiple impact points connected together this may not be repairable.
  • If the object causing the damage penetrated both layers of glass
  • If the chip is so large the injected resin can't reach to the outer points of the crack
  • Other factors, each break is different depending on the impact and what struck the glass

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Replacement Windshields

When the damage to your windshield is too large to be repaired, then the entire windshield must be replaced. You may not realize how important your windshield is when it comes to your safety while driving. This is why it is vital that you choose an auto glass shop that uses quality glass, adhesives and understands and follows all of the safety guidelines as defined by the Auto Glass Safety Council. We are also fully equipped and up-to-date with ADAS technology, and we can recalibrate your ADAS after we replace your windshield. Advantage Windshield and Glass in Lake Havasu City is your best choice for windshield repair and replacement services.

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